CONTRACT followed with screening adoption form

CONTRACT Enforced 100% Legal and Binding - if not in-agreement do not continue with screening.

 Initial: Buyer_______ Seller________ Date______________ Contract / Agreement for the Purchase of Kitten / Cat This contract is between___________________________________________ (referred to as Seller) and____________________________________________________________ (referred to as Buyer) The Seller agrees to sell and the Buyer agrees to buy the following described kitten / cat (referred to as Cat): Cat’s name ________________________ Breed _____________ DOB: ______________ Sex: _____ Colour Markings: ___________________________________________________________________ Dam______________________________________________________________________________ Sire: ______________________________________________________________________________ “Pet Only” and “Not for Breeding” Purpose/Status At MAXIMUM SIX MONTHS OF AGE the kitten MUST BE ALTERED/FIXED. Sedation KETAMINE is forbidden and will void contract.  VETERINARIAN DOCUMENTATION OF PROOF MUST BE PROVIDED.Home of the Hairless HAS THE RIGHT TO CLAIM AND CAN REPOSES A CAT FROM ANY BUYER THAT IS IN BREACH OF CONTRACT. NO ADOPTION FEE WILL BE RETURNED.

DEADLINE  Date and must provide vet  documentation of Alteration _________________________ • Cats are sold based on the quality the Seller feels this Cat is at the time of sale and is the opinion of Seller. • Seller cannot guarantee or warranty type, colour, behaviour/personality, degree of hairlessness, skin issues, cosmetic issues (eyes, stud tail) and gums/teeth issues etc. Deposit of Payment for ADOPTION FEE A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 has been agreed upon and paid on _________________ to reserve this cat. If a deposit is placed to reserve a cat (kitten) that cat will not be sold to another buyer. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE except in the event that the Seller is unable to supply previously reserved said cat. Deposit is not transferable to another kitten, unless agreed upon with Seller. Seller reserves the right to cancel this contract if it is found that the Buyer has falsified any information to the Breeder. The deposit will not be returned in this case. The remainder of purchase price plus transportation related costs and any other applicable fees, if any, are due in full on or before you take kitten home. If payment is not received by due date, the Buyer loses all rights to the cat, forfeits the deposit, and the Seller is free to sell the cat to another party. Shipping / Pick-up If third-party shipping arrangements are being made, Buyer is responsible for all shipping related charges (including a health certificate) and shall be paid by the Buyer to Seller in full prior to Seller’s transfer of cat. If the delivery is made by Seller directly to Buyer, a delivery fee may apply and shall be paid in advance of delivery. Ownership of cat transfers to Buyer at the point that: 1) Buyer takes physical possession of the Cat if meeting directly with Seller or 2) Seller delivers Cat to third-party shipper. Liability of Seller for said cat ends upon acceptance of cat by shipping firm. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to file any claims with shipping company. Buyer agrees to call or email Seller within 1 hour upon initial receipt of cat, if not physically taken directly from Seller. Health Guarantee Seller will provide a written health certificate from a licensed veterinarian, dated within 14 days of shipment, placement and guarantees cat for good health for a period of 5 days from the time cat leaves possession of Seller. Buyer agrees that a cat entering a home where there is another animal present will be isolated / quarantined for a period of one week. There will be no health guarantee for homes that have other felines.

CORE KITTEN VACCINATIONS (killed vaccines)  Kittens require three (3) sets of VACCINES given four (4) weeks apart . One year Booster shots and deworming is protocol and followed with a  3 or 5 year booster for this contract. Home of the Hairless initiate vaccines/deworming around 9 - 10 weeks of age. ALL CATS WILL COME WITH THEIR FIRST SET OF VACCINATIONS AND A HEALTH REPORT FROM MY VETERINARIAN. All kittens MUST receive the vaccinations that protects against Feline Rhinotracheitis, Feline Calicivirus, and Feline Panleukopenia. These are all diseases that are ubiquitous in nature and frequently found in the general cat population. Over 3/4 of all upper respiratory infections are caused by Feline Rhinotracheitis or Feline Calicivirus. Protection against all three of these viruses is generally provided in a combination vaccine. (Please see more info on our facebook page ) Any time lapse in vaccines will VOID the health guarantee. Please remenber these are indoor cats only (do not believe in RABIES or FELINE LEUKAEMIA) If you follow my contract.

Buyer agrees to provide immediate veterinary care to a cat showing signs of distress, illness, or injury. Seller must be notified immediately about the illness by letter / fax from examining veterinarian and before any major treatment is begun, except in an emergency situation. Under no circumstances is the cat to be destroyed prior to notifying Seller. If the cat is found to have a serious or life-threatening condition which the examining veterinarian concludes was present prior to transfer of possession. The replacement will be made as long as the cat is returned along with all registration papers, original sales contract, and a written statement from the veterinarian within (48) hours of the defect being diagnosed. In the event the cat should die within the guarantee period, despite medical treatment, Buyer must notify Seller immediately and obtain, at his/her expense, an official necropsy report with pertinent lab findings indicating cause of death. Based upon lab findings and said necropsy report, indicating that the illness was present prior to sale, cat may be replaced at Seller’s discretion with similar or better quality cat when one becomes available. Seller reserves the right to require the cat be returned for identification before providing a replacement. There shall be no refunds of purchase price, shipping charges, or any other costs. Seller is not responsible for any veterinary expenses incurred by Buyer at any time. All health guarantees will be null and void if Buyer fails to comply with any of the provisions specified above. Initial: Buyer_________ Seller________ Date______________ Housing, Care and Transfer of Ownership If it becomes necessary for Buyer to give up the Cat for any reason, Buyer will contact Seller, who has the FIRST option to take / buy the Cat back or assist in finding a suitable new home for the cat. This right is not time limited, but remains in effect for the life span of the cat. Under no circumstances is cat to be placed with a different home / owner or cattery, resold, leased out, traded or given to any other person, pet shop, animal shelter, research laboratory, or similar facility for whatever reason or purpose without Sellers permission and approval. Under NO circumstance is the buyer allowed to de-claw any kitten purchased from HOME OF THE HAIRLESS. We believe this practice to be cruel and traumatic to the cat and reserve the right to repossess any cat having been subjected to this procedure. Cat will not be caged as a primary living arrangement. Seller reserves the right to inquire about and inspect the cat’s housing and quarters at any given (reasonable) time. Seller reserves the right to repossess, with no compensation to the owner if Cat is found in an unsanitary or inhumane condition, or being caged. The cat must be maintained as an indoor cat, within the household of the Buyer at all times, except for brief periods when the cat may be cared for by another. A cat that is sold for “PET ONLY” purpose must be altered by a veterinarian in the allotted time frame as indicated within the contract. AT MAXIMUM SIX MONTHS OF AGE KITTEN HAS TO BE ALTERED/FIXED. VET DOCUMENTS MUST BE PROVIDED or I have THE RIGHT TO CLAIM BACK, DUE TO BREECH OF CONTRACT) Buyer / Seller Obligations Buyer agrees to keep Cat for as long as it lives, unless unforeseen circumstances prevent it. Buyer agrees to follow Cat care as outlined in brochure supplied by Seller. Buyer agrees that the Cat will always receive prompt, top-notch medical care from a competent, licensed veterinarian. Care shall be obtained immediately upon any signs of illness. Buyer and Seller agree to exchange any future changes of address or phone number. Buyer agrees, as a courtesy, to provide yearly photographs of Cat to Seller and to update Seller of the Cat’s progress or any other related info. Thank you! Breach of Contract In the event of invalidation of any provision of this contract, the remaining provisions of this contract will continue to be fully enforceable in accordance with the terms within. All legal fees and/or court costs necessary to enforce this contract will be the obligation of the Buyer, including all those incurred by the Seller. Any legal action which may arise under the terms of this contract will be brought in the city/county of Seller's residence. Additional Provisions This legally binding contract is the exclusive agreement between the Buyer and Seller and supersedes any and all prior oral or written agreements, negotiations or other dealings between them concerning the purchase and sale of this Cat. This agreement may be modified only in writing, signed by both Buyer and Seller, and is non-transferable to any other party. I have had sufficient time to review and seek explanation of the provisions contained above, have carefully read them, fully understand, and agree to them. Signature of Buyer(s): ___________________________________________________ Date: __________________ Address: ___________________________________________________ Phone: ___________________________________________________ Email: ___________________________________________________ Signature of Seller: __________________________________  



Cat Adoption Application


  • Date: 
  • Name: 
  • Address: 
  • City: 
  • Prov: 
  • Postal Code: 
  • Phone: 
  • Cell: 
  • Email: 
  • How did you hear about US ?
  • Names and relationships of other adults living in the home: 
  • Do you have children?    Yes  No
  • If yes, please provide ages of children living in the home.
  • Have they been taught about kindness and boundaries where animals are concerned and  understand they are NOT TOYS. 
  • Does anyone in the family have allergies?    Yes  No
  • Are all family members in agreement about adopting a cat/kitten a forever commitment ?  Yes   No
  • Please explain why you would like to adopted a cat/kitten from Home of there Hairless and what sets you apart from someone else screening for this adoption? 
  • Are you interested in a particular cat/kitten that is up for adoption???
  • Are you wanting to be put on a waiting list and Sucre your adoption with a deposit for a future litter ?? 
  • A MUST- know about there personal care needs   ect??? facebook ( I do ask question as i feel if you haven't taken the time to educated your self than really i cant take comfort in the adoption.
  • My values on who I am as a breeder and reason why we spay/neuter for the health and development of my kittens?? why is (ketamine ) never used of our cats. At what age does my contract state? and what type of vaccine??? 
  • Are there other cats or dogs  in the home?      Yes  No
  • If yes please fill me in on past and present pets you have had, and why or why not they are no longer with you???? List pets that you own, or have owned, in the past 5 years
  • Is your cat  spayed/neutered that you have in your home now??
  • what age are your animals??And how many years have they lived with you????
  • Are your pets vaccinated/ dewormed and vet checked ?? showing  any signs or sickness in the past that they have been treated for???   Yes   No  please explain
  • How does your pets react to cats? And have you done research on the best way to introduce a new family member into your home with your other pets???
  • Do you have a room with a door where your new cat could be kept during the transition into the home for its safety and do you understand  best way to bring your kitten home to eliminate stress I have done a lengthy write up on what works best for my babies. 
  • How long would your cat be alone during a typical day?
  • What type of dwelling do your currently live in? 
  • Do you rent or own?
  • If you are renting, does your rental agreement permit you to have a cat?     Yes    No
  • How long have lived at your current address? 
  • Have you ever given an animal up?     Yes      No
  • If yes, what were the circumstances? 
  • Where will your cat stay while you vacation? 
  • Have you done research on a good vet in your area??
  • If the cat were to become ill, what arrangements would be made for care and supervision?and are you financially secure??? and would you want pet insurance??? pro”s & con”s 
  • Please list a personal reference that we may contact who knows or has known you and your animals. 
  • Please add any additional comments you may have. 
  • Do you agree that the cat will be an INDOOR cat ONLY, that the pet shall not be allowed to roam at will or be outside and understand Why.   Yes    No
  • Do you agree to the Cat Adoption Deposit fee is $200.00 to secure the adoption?   Yes   No

Please be advised that after this form has been filled out ,we would need to talk in person or over the phone  before this adoption can be approved.

  • This has to be filled out first before any further screening can and will take place.

Please read CONTRACT it is enforced 100% and is a legal and binding agreement .know what it states and is in place for the protection of my cats/kittens and had to be 100% in agreement.Privacy Policy: The information collected in this application is strictly for use of home of the hairless  screening process.Thank you so much for sharing your information with me, I have a responsibility to my kitten to ensure the best homes and quality of life.We have been very BLESSED with past adoptions and the time we take to screen and get to no one another