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The Ukrainian Levkoy (Ukrainian: Український левкой) is a cat breed of distinct appearance, having inward-folding earsand little to no hair. These cats are of medium size with a longish body, appearing both muscular and slender. They have soft, elastic skin; an excess of which leads to a wrinkled appearance. The breed is not recognized HERE AS OF YET but, international cat fancier and breeder organizations, only Ukrainian and Russian clubs.

The Levkoy's peculiar features are: special angular contour of its head and "stepped" profile (dog-face appearance), folded ears and large, but not wide almond-shaped eyes.


 The Ukrainian Levkoy is recent man-made breed (2000–2011), originally developed by Elena Biriukova in Ukraine. Created by crossing or by outbreeding hairless Donskoy females with Scottish Fold metis[clarification needed] males, the Ukrainian Levkoy has a distinct and unique appearance. Two spontaneous mutations of dominant FD genes of cats with folded ears (that appeared in a simple domestic cat in Scotland) were used, as well as a spontaneous natural dominant mutation of hairlessness or baldness of the domestic cat gene BD in Russia. Both had appeared in the last century in Scotland and in Russia. Oriental and Domestic cats were also used in mating to obtain the required individual characteristics of the Ukrainian Levkoy. The breed was recognized in 2005 in Ukraine by ICFA RUI (Rolandus Union International). It was recognized in Russia in 2010 by ICFA WCA. In the Ukraine, starting in September 2010, it was deemed that Ukrainian Levkoys may be awarded the title of "Champion" and that they may take part in "The Best in Show" competition. Nowadays there are 10 Ukrainian Levkoys who are given these titles. In Russia the first titles of "Champion" and "The Best in Show" were given in 2011. The other organizations are mating this new breed of Ukrainian Levkoy as an experimental breed without the "Champion" title at cats exhibitions 


 Ukrainian Levkoys are friendly, playful, and intelligent cats. Levkoys are very sociable, enjoying human or family company as well as the company of other domestic pets (e.g., dogs, rats, pigs). Unclothed Ukrainian Levkoys do not need brushing but do need special skin care to give protection against direct sun and particularly cold conditions like the sphynx , these are so very rare we are go grateful and blessed to be able you allow this breed to be influenced in this way.