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Mexican Hairless xolo Toy


the Mexican hairless or Xolo, the Xoloitzcuintli has a name that can be quite a challenge to pronounce: show-low-eats-queen-tlee.

Although some people find Xolos unattractive or just plain weird looking, many others think they are elegant and graceful. Whichever your preference, you have to admit that Xolos are extraordinarily different from most dog breeds!

Characterized by their large, upright bat-like ears, Xolos have a broad skull, a black or skin-colored nose and almond-shaped and dark or in keeping with the color of the dog. They are often missing teeth, but this trait is not considered a fault.

 Although best known as being hairless, Xolos can also have a short, flat coat. These dogs change colors as they mature — although most are blue-gray, their coats can also be black, slate, bronze, brindle, red, fawn, solid or spotted. 


  • Toy: Height 9–14 inches; weight 5–15 pounds



Loyal, intelligent, attentive and athletic, Xolos are extremely loving to their family, bonding most deeply with the person who feeds them and spends time with them.

Given their roots as guard dogs, Xolos are protective of their people and indifferent to strangers.

They are often called “Velcro dogs,” meaning they stay close to their humans at all times, follow them from room to room and nap at their feet.

care and maintenance


LOW: As with all hairless breeds, Xolos are particularly susceptible to extremes of heat and cold and need to be protected. In sunny weather, they need sunscreen, and when it’s cold they must wear a coat or sweater.

Bathe hairless Xolos once a month or only when they become dirty, and apply moisturizing lotion formulated for canines. Don’t handle them roughly or bathe them too often lest you strip their skin of the oils it needs to protect them from the elements. You can groom a flat-coated Xolo as you would any other coated dog.

Both types of Xolo should have their teeth brushed weekly (if not daily) and their nails clipped monthly. Their large, upright ears need cleaning regularly to prevent buildup.

 A healthy, resilient breed, Xolos have no genetic health issues specific to the breed, a rarity in the dog world. They are, however, susceptible to the same ailments as other breeds